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Expression used in place of "It is what it is" and "Fuck it." Used when a situation is beyond your control, but is not too severe to be too worried about. Usually followed by the response "Hey, What can you do?"

Variations of the phrase include "Dog on a Fucking Raft" and "Fucking Dog on a Fucking Raft," depending on the severity of the situation.

Abbreviation: DOAR, DOAFR, FDOAFR
Person One: I went to the bars on Saturday night and spent way too much money.

Person Two: Eh, it's a Dog on a Raft.

Person One: You're right, it's a DOAR.
by KI322DOAR April 20, 2009

A single, microwaved hotdog (the "dog") served on a single slice of buttered toast (the "raft")

A "dog on a raft with a oar" is the above served with a deli-sliced pickle.
"Lorraine and I blew off Spago and shared a dog on a raft in the kitchen."
by Neil Ogism April 12, 2010
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