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Derived from the dog, Sam, from Will Smith's movie, I am Legend. A Dog Smile is another name for a girl, but in a cuter sense. So instead of Dime Piece or hot bitch, you have Dog Smile.
James: Damn duuude did you see that lady?
Nick: Hell yeah dawg. She was a total Dog Smile!
by captain aids!!! July 10, 2008
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n: the underside of the glans penis, or dickhead, under the urethra, or pee-hole, where the dickhead splits resembling a dog smiling
Damn baby why ain't you kissin' my dog smile while you suck' on my dickhead, bitch.


Frankie "Dog-Smile" Tutone got his nickname when his botched circumcision gave his dog smile teeth.


Little Girl Blue walks up to Man, who is walking his dog, and says, "Gee Mister, your dog sure is smiling!" The Man responds by pulling his dickhead out of his pants and flipping it over, saying, "Damn right it is!" The Man was Ryan Minges.
by PMintheAM October 25, 2007
When a dog lifts up its upper lip when you pet it or its happy to see you.
Owner:come on rex smile *dog lifts upper lip"
Owner:Good Boy!
by Xero-Fyre August 24, 2005

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