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A promiscuous female with an ugly or unattractive face but an otherwise desirable body. They can usually be found in seedy late night rock clubs or strip bars and can be identified by their rather crude mating calls such as 'how about a root darl?'.
Smitty-"Dude check out the chick with her back to us, just near the stage. I'd fang a few into her!"

Jones-"Nah man have you seen her face?! What a dog nugget!"
by Feller-Teo December 14, 2009
The act of a canine excrating fecal matter in a round nugget like form usually left in the form of a trail.
"Oh look, that man's dog has left a trail of dog nuggets. I hope he picks them up."
by StuVin July 17, 2008
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