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A product of Fisher-Price, Enterprise Rental Car, Chrysler, economic turmoil, budgeting and hardcore drugs.
Person 1: "Did anybody but Enterprise buy a Dodge Avenger?"
Person 2: "No, obviously not."
#dodge #fiat #chrysler #caliber #thanks obama #avenger #doge
by Your Sister April 08, 2015
Piece of shit car made by Chrysler. The older models were a crappy knockoff of the Stealth. And the newer ones are even crappier knockoffs of the Charger. It is made for poor people who want a chager so they can feel cool. It has like -10000 horsepower, and any unemployed hobo can afford one.
I wanted to buy a beat up old Neon...but a brand new Dodge Avenger was cheaper.
#avenger #dodge #avanger #dodge avenger #ugly
by evilbeachchair June 23, 2010
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