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The Dutch rudder taken to its logical conclusion. Where a double Dutch rudder involves two participants, and a TDR involves three, the Dodecatuple Dutch Rudder involves twelve participants standing in a circle. Each participant holds his member with his right hand, and the man to his lefts right elbow with his left hand. By this means each person can move his neighbour's right arm up and down, essentially masturbating him, but without the gayness of touching another man's penis.
Headline in The Sun newspaper; "England football team + referee involved in Dodecatuple Dutch Rudder - still claim football is not gay."

Scott's mum: "Scott, you need help for your Dodecatuple Dutch Rudder addiction."
Scott: "If twelve men ejaculating together is wrong, I don't wanna be right!"
by Big Pimp Daddy June 02, 2010
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