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The same thing as a real movie, but with ugly people.
"So I just watched the Sex in the City Movie"

"I heard that was a pretty good documentary"

"Oh no, its a real movie, it just happens to star Sarah Jessica Parker"
by SilentEDJ October 05, 2009
Porn, what you watch when you masturbate
Hey man, don't come into my room for a bit, I'm going to be watching a documentary. KTHXBAI
by SLAMHOGSLAYER1 February 06, 2010
It's like a regular movie except it has ugly people.
Guy 1: man that movie had some ugly people in it
Guy 2: are you suprised it was a documentary after all
by Iloveashleys October 05, 2009
A euphemism for sex.
Last night I watched a documentary with Jacquelynn, 3 times.
by NakedManBen August 18, 2007
Like a movie, except boring.
Tibby Rollins from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
by sammy bammers June 05, 2005