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Born and raised in the gangland of Compton, California, Jayceon Taylor AKA The Game (rapper) lived a very hard childhood life, but became an amazing rapper. Living with his grandmother, who nicknamed him the game, smoking chronic at age 12, tagging along with his old brothers one being a crip and one being a blood. Jevon his crip brother was shot when the game was young, and then the game decided to tag along with his other brother, Big Fase 100 who converted him into a blood.

He showed him how to run the streets and make money and find work. But when another one his brothers died he became hardcore and was kicked out of his home. They moved out of the city for "business reasons" and one day The Game was home alone and got a knock at his door an took 5 bullets.

After this, wanting out of the hood, dreaming to be a rapper, he picked up all the famous gangsta rap alblums and studied them. He studied every famous gangster rapper such as Jay-Z, Snoop, Pac, bige, and dr. dre. Inspired by N.W.A. The Game came out with his own mixtape with his own style.

He brought his alblum to Dr. Dre AKA the Doctor, and G-Unit. Creating "The Documentary" With 50, but shortly after the game did not get along with G-unit, and then signed with Dr. Dre. You see a lot of 50 disses in his modern songs.

This where the alblum title "The Doctors Advocate" comes from. In this alblum Dr. Dre and the game rap together, and this alblum is what The Game famous. He was already well known by the Documentary, but after the Doctors Advocate he became a legend. The word advocate basically meaning supporting, or helping someone.

And unlike a lot of rappers, the Doctor's Advocate is real. He raps about his life, and dosn't make up lies. All of his lyrics are real, such as "I got shot 5 times now i bleed hennesey" This refers to how he became stronger after being shot.

The Game is the King Of Gangsta Rap

"Look whos back on the west coast track im the mother f**king messiah of gangsta rap"

The game is the Doctors Advocate.
by gbrd January 24, 2008
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