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1. someone who tries to get a group people to disband because said individual is tired, bored or not having a good time.

2. commonly known as a wet blanket.
Person 1: You guys ready to go yet?

Person 2: Dude, we're having fun. Stop being such a Doc Watson.
#wet blanket #hot fire #that guy #party animal #life of the party
by m.fucci November 04, 2009
The newest member of the HYFJ coallition. Recruited by leaders and top scouts Flint Johnson and Herbert Yanocknock. A valuable ally in the fight against M.A.S.H. and Ronen, Doc has been goin CRAZYASS on them. He also has just earned a PHD(pimpin hoes degree) and is currently working on a new project to battle Ronen with. WHOA!
Stupid nutzo crazy guy # 1- Doc man u stupid.
Doc Watson- PSHHHHHHHH, idiot.
Flint Johnson and Herbert Yanocnock- YEAH!
by Flint Johnson December 01, 2003
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