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The command to make the Google search page to rotate 360 degrees on it's own.
"types "do a barrel roll" in google search"
"pages rotates on it's own"
"user going o_o"
by Ren97 November 03, 2011
A defensive maneuver you can get Google to do for you by searching for "do a barrel roll" without quotes.

An homage to Starfox 64.
Mike: "Hmmm... Let me type 'do a barrel roll' into google"

waits a second

Mike: "HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!1111"
by Dat Peppy Hare November 03, 2011
A word some gamers say when they are at a loss for words or don't know what else to say. This phrase originated from star fox, but has been so overused it has no meaning.
Me: Hi Chris.
Chris: Hi!
Me: I failed the math test. :(
Chris: Do a barrel roll!
by ShadowForce December 09, 2013
The controversial quote Optimus Prime is going to say in the upcomming Transformers Live Action Movie. The quote was submitted into the "Make Prime Speak" Contest and is currently by far, holding first place (Thanks to the YTMND Community) among a myriad of other crappy submitted quotes.
Some Flying Transformer Dude: OH NOES!!! I'M UNDER HEAVY FIRE!!!

Optimus Prime: Do a barrel Roll! lol
by SamuraiSilhouette October 22, 2006
In Star Fox for the SNES Pepper Hare would ask of you to do a barrel roll. Doing a barrel roll in Star Fox is to press the shoulder buttons twice, pressing L shoulder button then L again would make the R-wing do a barrel roll counter clockwise, pressing the R shoulder button then R again would make the R-wing do a barrel roll clockwise.

utlizing a barrel roll is extremly usful in Star Fox as it deflects most objects fired at the R-wing

The term "Do a barrel roll" is commonly mistaken that it froms from Star Fox 64. It did not. But it was spoken by a voice actor for Peppy Hare in Star Fox 64. In Star Foxes training mode, the game would give you simple tasks. Eventually 3 other R-wings would fly around as you were told to do the same as them, after sometime before the 3 other R-wings would barrel roll Peppy would tell you to do a barrel roll.
Peppy: Do a Barrel Roll! (text only)

(The player decides if they want to do a barrel roll)

Guy 1: You should do a barrel roll...

Guy 2: Dude, shut up!

Guy 1: Ha you died, only if you would have done a barrel roll!


Guy 1: Oh yea, sorry.
by Pro def April 27, 2007