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This is the act of a guy completely shaving his nuts and surrounding areas. Spreading peach lotion in his.......In waiting of a head session.
Now most chicks do the peach, but I think It's kinda sexy when a guy does it. Beats the hell outa cheeze dick. Chicks will show you the real moves then.
p1:He called me! So, When I got to his house he smiled at me giggled. I asked him whats up and he droped to his birthday.
p2;so how was it.
P1: " I said, "Babe I didn't know you knew how to Do the peach.

Ready for some hummin burd <3n? " He didn't make it to the next round.
by huka5pre38fx1127no.2gtwhtUwnt November 19, 2009
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