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Stage Name: D.O. One of the 12 sex gods of EXO. Lead Vocalist in EXO-K. His superpower in EXO is having the strength of a beast, which is ironic considering he has a baby face. Secretly in love with Kai, fellow member of EXO. Has the power to make fangirls cry the Han River with his orgasmic voice and his sexy English. He can also kill fangirls in an instant just by winking.
Me: I cried so much yesterday.
Friend: Why?
Me: I watched a video of Do Kyungsoo singing in English.
by loveechanyeol September 08, 2013
A very cute guy with big doe-eyed who was born on 12 January 1993 and one of the member of a band called EXO. His celebrity name is D.O. He has a very nice, charming voice despite his short, adorable heights.
girl 1 : omg his babyface is so adorable! what's his name?
girl 2 : i know right! his name is do kyungsoo.
by oohlalalas November 04, 2013