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One of the best dj's out there.

R.I.P. DJ AM (1973 – 2009)
DJ AM is prize and always will be.
by flite13 September 01, 2009
Norwegian slang for women, in norwegian called "DAAMER"
Often used by people from Asker
"har du sett de djåmsa der eller?"
"have you seen those djåms?"
by GetDrunkFuckBitchesRT February 17, 2015
Norwegian word for dame. Which means lady, girl or other words for female. Often used when the females are hot.
For en digg djåm!

Digge djåms.
by troneq May 19, 2013
a rasta's way of a curse or exclamation.
"Man I hit man djam tumb wiv da djam hammer again.!
by Voltan Stonkfire September 30, 2003
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