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A dude who runs a punk rock radio show out of his bedroom.
He started as a college show but his dedication to music was able to get him big phone interviews with big bands and he promoted the heck out of himself on every punk website possible and promoting at every show so when he graduated college in May, Idobi Radio asked him to join them.
He pays for everything on his own. He has interviewed Fall out boy, Pink Spiders, and so many more. Not only does he have the radio show, he is also in love with Green Day.
(from his myspace)= DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show is a live radio show that airs every Wednesday and Thursday from 7-8pm PST and can be listened to at Since 2002, bands such as Fall Out Boy, Less Than Jake, Jack's Mannequin, New Found Glory and Sugarcult have appeared on the show. Tune in to hear new music, live interviews and acoustic performances. You can even get your questions answered live on air by your favorite band!
Dj Rossstar is so kick ass, he has cool people in his bedroom!
by Heather_from_cali August 27, 2006
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