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1.) A popular young disc jockey from Baltimore, Maryland, who specializes in the production of Baltimore Club Music. This music has a beat of about 140 BPM, and is accompanied, usually, by a fast-paced dance. There are variuos dances within the Baltimore Club Music culture.
Some of the newest Baltimore Club Music was created by Dj Bubbo and can be found at
by Baltimore_Sun_Newspaper April 04, 2009
Commonly used in conversations pertaining to music production.
Nigga #1: "Yo, what's da word on da streets?"

Nigga #2:"YO, I heard DJ BUBBO got some dope beats."
by R.I.P._MICHAEL_JACKSON August 12, 2009
a beat producer in Baltimore making a good name for himself in the music industry.
by apple_pie_in_my_eye August 12, 2009
Someone with way too much self-esteem. Someone so cocky that they make three different UD accounts to try and make a name for themself.
Guy 1: Dude I think I'm the greatest producer ever.

Guy 2: Man, I've heard your beats, They're whack. You turnin into a DJ Bubbo
by Jake the Ninja November 19, 2009
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