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A freakin awesome band from P-Town CA whose jams get bumped on live 105 and whose shows are fricken insane. Dizzy used to go by the name Panda until legal shit got in the way an they hada change it. Famous for bein the best looking collection of young men youve ever seen. Mr. Petros on lead vocals/guitar, Jonny on guitar, Joey on keyboard, Louie on drums, and Raffi on bass.
Paco says, "Hey, who be that dizzy boy in the pink sweatshirt?
Maria says, "Why that's the lead singer of Dizzy Balloon!"
by nospeakenglish91 February 26, 2009
Dizzy Balloon is a band that started in Piedmont, California There are five members in the band Petros, Raffi, Jonny, Louie and of course Joey.
Benjamin says "Hey, do you like Dizzy Balloon?"

Scarlett says "OH MY! Yes, I love that band"
by lolilyscarlett February 22, 2009
Pop band from Piedmont, CA, leaded by singer Petros (Pronounced "Petro") Anastos Prastacos, who recently came out as a homosexual.
Did you hear that guy Petros from Dizzy Balloon is gay?

by snitchesisbitches December 03, 2009
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