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The most triumphant and respected of all divas. A true Divadoff will only lush in the most opulent of things whilst he/she smokes cigarettes and nothing else. A Divadoff never gives off true emotion and never answers in full sentences. He/she would sport nothing but the finest textiles. He/She is never rude, always classy; however when the time comes to put people in their place, he does so using extraordinary harshness. A Divadoff always remains supreme in any situation.
Look at that Divadoff, it looked like he was about to pass out because he was sitting in Economy on a 45 minute flight.

Oh my god! Divadoff is at it again, getting the best seat in the restaurant.

I almost shitted myself when I sat next to that Divadoff, All I did was ask how she was doing and she didn't respond. After 2 minutes she said "hi" and turned around. I think I now have Diarrhea.
by HolyBob2345 October 27, 2011
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