1. (dit-tay): cool
2. (dite): stupid
1) diomede rides chariots and kills trojans. he is uber-ditte.

2) dawn has no purpose other than waking up to open some lousy gate. she is very dite and should just die.
by diomede September 27, 2004
Top Definition
is an awesome person, she is really sweet and gorgeous too. She can say really random things, but that's what makes her loveable. She has a great sense of humor and is not shy at all.
by dog12345678900987654321 September 22, 2012
She is a pretty, sweet, amazing, kinda dumb in a cute way and so on! She has few, but very good friends! Her best friend is nothing like her, at all, but they know each other, more than any other persons will! She loves junkfood, but is still very slim and fit! She likes to hang out with "the boys", but still needs some girly-time! She doesn't have a lot of boyfriend's, but when she has one, it'll be a long relationship! She likes to be alone, and just be herself, when she needs it. She likes black clothes and is not really colorful, but does what she wants!
All in all, she is an amazing person and you can't do anything else, than love her!
by Ditte's_best_friend! December 08, 2012
is a scandinavian name. ditte is likely to be blonde. a gorgeous girl with a great sense of humor which makes her loveable.
by cat 1212 September 22, 2012
Ditte is one of the guys, she loves pizza. Her best friend is a wild pig. Ditte is a bit fat, because she eats a lot of junkfood. She beats up small girls.
To be more gangster Ditte can be pronouced Detti.
Damn Ditte is just one of the guys!
by Ditte Mørch Sørensen March 18, 2011
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