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Disney Rock or for short "D-Rock" is:

1) A genre of Rock which shouldn't be considered rock in the first place. The genre originated to distinguish the difference between "rock", "pop rock" and Disney bands such as the Jonas Brothers. D-rock can often be heard from Disney bands or on Disney channel with movies such as Camp Rock.

2) Music that will likely hurt your ears; An insult to rock and any rock fans. The "D" is also known to stand for "Disgraceful".
1) I hate Disney Rock almost as much as I hate D-Rap.

2) Ever since I listened to that D-Rock song "Burnin' Up", my ears have been bleeding.
#d-rock #disney #disgrace #rock #poprock #kids #children #music #horrible #jonas brothers #hannah montana #camp rock
by Putter, H. July 31, 2008
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