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A Dishrag whore is a dirty little slut that can't walk past a male specimen without dropping to her knees or spreading her legs. Usually these whores have meat flaps that resemble a dripping wet rag, usually as a result of too many dicks goin through her.
" I had to double park my cock on the dishrag whores' ass for an hour and wait my turn"
by cock-a-mamie March 25, 2010
A term coined by Andrew Dice Clay in the 1980's ("The Day The Laughter Died". I interpreted it as meaning an extremely slutty lady, not necessarily a prostitute, who has much in common with a wet, dirty sink rag. After much use a dishrag stinks, has unidentified biological material stuck to it and can even spread diseases if not properly cleaned.
My whole apartment reeked when that dishrag whore took her panties down.
by Uselessgarbage May 17, 2011
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