A foolishly foolish gamer who continues to foolishly play foolish games, and has a friend who foolishly watches foolish chinese cartoons
disgaeamad foolishly played a foolish game today
by damaeagisd March 24, 2007
Top Definition
A fictional character from the "Legend Of Fantasy" universe known to be unusually fond of pamos and Dr Benny.
Other known aliases are Dis, Dizzy, Defunct and Darth Gaeamad, though the accuracy of the last two are unknown due to the mystery surrounding who the hell would actually like him (other than Dr Benny, but nobody wants to talk to him) and thus, would use nicknames.
Leave my pamos alone, Darth Gaeamad you freak!

"Disgaeamad is my friend :D" - Dr Benny
by Richard787 March 02, 2007
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