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1. Consumer of "* Ramen"
2. Owns an undriveable Plymoth Caravel
3. King of the Bustors
4. Plays the bust'd games on his bust'd computer
It's the first of month, I'm going to Aldi's to get some ramen.

One day I'll push my car to the dealership for $5000 in trade.

Disco_Dan plays QIII and Tribes 2.

Disco_Dan: "I pwn'd j00~!!!11"
DJ Inside: "Your a f****** camper"
Disco_Dan: "I'm the Master of Quake 3"

Disco_Dan: "I hate UT2k3..."
DJ Inside: "Why?"
Disco_Dan: "I wanna make the floors brown and the rockets into boxes..."
DJ Inside: "...." (gives blank look)
Disco_Dan: "What? I built my system for Tribes 2."
by DJ Inside February 17, 2004
1. Death Incarnate
2. Master of Tribes 2 revmod.
3. Master of Quake 3.
4. Magnum, P.I.'s daddy.
I'm bout to grab a shotty and pull a Disco_Dan up in here.

Disco fucking Dan is a rail whore.

Omg, Disco_Dan just tore Magnum up with Ryu!

OMG Disco_Dan hax! Infinite health! Three direct shotgun blasts and his shields are still up!
by w00t February 17, 2004
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