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The disc ball itself is a flat, round wooden cut out (approximately 7" in diameter, and 1 1/2" in width). The game disc ball is played with two individuals, or can be played with two, two-man teams. You start your turn by placing the disc ball upright on the 1 1/2" side and then stomp on it, which will send it across the tile floor towards your opponent with a lot of backspin on it. Your opponents goal is to stomp on the spinning and still upright disc ball, in turn, sending it back at you spinning the opposite way. A point is earned in the following ways: 1) You stomp the disc ball and it either passes your opponent, or his/her attempt to send it back is unsuccessful, resulting in your gaining of a point. 2) The initial stomp (serve) is not returnable (ex: is out of the agreed upon boundaries, is not upright and spinning, is too wobbly to be returned) resulting in the other players point. The winning score should be predetermined and agreed upon by both players or teams before the start of the game, and the starting team is chosen by a best 2/3 paper, rock, scissors match.
1) Man, that was an intense few games of Disc Ball!
2) Have you heard about that new game Disc Ball? Apparently its cheap and fun and all the cool people are playing it!
3) Hey Kevin, you wanna head down to the youth room a little early so we can play a few games of Disc Ball?
by chuckevbro May 15, 2010
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