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Eminem getting offended at MTV Movie Awards.
"I'm just glad I didn't idolise him. That whould've made it an even bigger disappointment."
by SuperAlterEgo July 06, 2009
7 8
Running into a wall with a boner and breaking your nose first.
Austin breaking his nose sure was a disappointment
by FALLEN MC February 02, 2009
322 83
Running into a wall with a boner, and breaking your nose first.
My sleezy ex-boyfriend was just an undiscovered disappointment.
by Missy Malice May 14, 2008
90 51
when someone is an ass and promises something but never follows through with their promise.
"we'll have a great night friday i promise it will be a laugh"
*friend dosn't turn up to the party*
what a disappointment
by 6thoctober March 18, 2009
52 16
The state or feeling from being a Miami Dolphins fan.
Chad Henne and the special teams coach for the Miami Dolphins were nothing short of a disappointment on Monday Night Football.
by PBUDS October 05, 2010
42 21
referring to an appointment.
I was going to the doctor and I told my wife I couldnt miss disappointment.
by Alpha Q Up March 27, 2005
47 36
The overwhelming feeling you get when you notice all of the recent "Word of the Days" aren't funny, uncreative, or just don't make sense.
Everytime I go to UD I feel disappointment after reading all of the new words.
by A Pony Named Wibbles January 12, 2012
11 4
When you run into a wall with a boner and you break your nose first.
Did you hear about Tim's disappointment?!
by Laughingmyassoffallover February 18, 2009
31 24