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A abbreviation for the Japanese rock band Dir En Grey.
Diru is a masochistic and hardcore band that shock many with their visual kei and raw lyrics.
by Ozzer July 25, 2005
A virus that's made by a dick; A virus that just messes up things to be a dick; A virus that does nothing, but be a dick; Virus + Dick = Dirus.
Person 1: "That sucks you have a virus, I can't access the awesome stuff in your computer!"
Person 2: "No it's not a virus, it's a dirus!"
Person 3: "That sucks!"
by iRageWheniGetaDirus April 19, 2010
"Diru" a disrespectful term used by Crips towards a certain set of Bloods called Pirus
Killin' Diru's all day
by AC March 06, 2005