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The best friggin' band in the whole world. Real music. Real lyrics. Real sounds and real people. Genre: a mix of everything to form one awesome unified NEW genre.
by DHFAN00786 December 07, 2010
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Sexual slang, for giving head straight after anal sex......
SO the dirt being... do i really need to explain? I think you get it.
I totally gave brad dirty head last night!!!
wow..... I really have nothing positive to say about that.
by leaflane June 15, 2011
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a super chill person who skate boards, surfs or longboards and drinks alchohol and smokes. these people are generaly happy and as said chill. they live for spending time with theyre freinds and cause mischief but are good people deep down. they use slang words and are often labeled as hooligans! this term derives from the band "the dirty heads" as a dirty head shares many traits the dirty heads band has.
"what a pack of dirty heads..."
"ya like half of em are drunk!"
by Jawn Valley April 23, 2011
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sam c; a girl whos really dirty, but gives fine head
sam c is a complete dirtyhead
by RossTheBoss April 23, 2004
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A retarded-ass fan of feminem,slim anus, wutever you wanna call the lil bitch boy.
A Juggalo wouldn't even wipe his ass with a dirtyheads face.
by sway the o.d.d. July 23, 2003
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Other term for dirty minded.
Boy1: What does MILF means?

Boy2: Mom I'd like to Facebook. What else would it be you dirty head. :P
by Noah501 November 30, 2010
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