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The act of ejaculating on a food item (typically a burrito) and throwing it at your friends car.
After a night of partying, someone gave Greg a Dirty Bullocks
by troy horrowitz February 25, 2012
Sexual activities involving shit mustaches, shotguns penetrating anally and nazi paraphenalia.
For her part, Bullock denied the existence of a sex tape. What she has not yet addressed are Halperin's allegations that she received a Dirty Bullock from James
by Tony 2.OH April 08, 2010
The Dirty Bullock is somewhat similar in nature to a Dirty Sanchez. It differs only in that the female participant is a reasonably hot movie star and the male participant is a complete and total twat.
So . . . I hear Jesse gave Sandra the ol' Dirty Bullock the other night.
by Seagis April 05, 2010