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A particularly catty, pretentious breed of private school girl that dumps on everyone because they're under the false impression that they're hot shit.
Sick cunt 1: "Look at her sipping her skim macciato talking to Carloff about the perils of sociology."

Sick cunt 2:"Fucking Dirty Seal."
by Cady XIII April 24, 2009
1. The act of straightening your hair so poorly, its almost as though you did it with your feet.

2.It's also when the texture and cleanliness of the hair in question resembles that of a dirty seal's feases-encrusted fur.
sick cunt 1- Christ did you see Mary's hair this morning?

sick cunt 2- Chaa, yeah, she's totally got the dirty seal thing going on.
by Cady XIII May 12, 2009
The act of sliding down the stairs, face first on your stomach. usually done while completely shitfaced for party entertainment.
steve's dirty seal last night at sara's was off the hezzy son.
by heartlessexile December 17, 2007
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