when fucking a chick(missionary preferably), insert your balls(nuts) into the chicks ass.

Can be done easier if is a warm night/day and chick recently just took it in the ass.
After railing jill in the ass i laid her down and gave her the dirty squirrel.
by J-with March 29, 2008
partner puts mouth over your butthole while you fart making her (or his) cheeks pop out like a squirrel with a mouth full of nuts
I gave Kim a dirty squirrel last night
by dogdaddydollaz February 16, 2011
the act of shitting on someone's scrotum regions
He woke up with and noticed he had been dirty squirreled.
by EBSCOHOSTKILLER January 06, 2010
a person that is oftentimes strongly attracted to the opposite sex and horny like a hoe. dirty squirrel
Taylor is a dirty squirrel
by that one guy D November 18, 2009

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