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Characteristics of a Dirty Spaceman
1. Looks like Will.I.Am
2. Leaving tonight, though he has an actively bleeding contusion
3. Got that Spaceman Head
4. Is Extra Angry
5. Owns a Leopard and Kept it freestyle
6. Will not have sex with teenage chickenheads who have a flat booty
7. Is a genius
8. Used to own a frog (named Adrianne) which was released by some chick
9. Eats Bacos on his chilly, but not on his Yam
10. Loves Ping-pong and Paintball, and plays it with his crew all night
11. Looks like a Pink Bunny in the morning
12. Shaves his Pubes
13. Freaks every grandma out when he moons them
"Tonight I'm leavin/ though I'm bleedin/ now you know me as/ Dirty Spaceman yeah!
by Doceopterix October 27, 2011
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Verb - Dirty Spaceman

The act of performing consensual anal sex on a male or female whilst wearing a condom

Origin: New Zealand
Guy 1: I took that hot guy home from the gay bar lastnight
Guy 2: How'd it go?
Guy 1: I gave him the Dirty Spaceman
Guy 2: Glad you play it safe
by Karl McLoven June 21, 2011

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