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A male, ususally, but not limited to being directly born and raised in the cornfields of Indiana. Other acceptable cornfield states are, nebraska, kansas, and the dakotas.
A person that is dirty/notorious for doing the mainly these acts:

-Running naked laps after getting skunked in beer die or pong

-shoving leaves into a girls mouth and then purusing a makeout session with her.

-Getting extremely wasted and puking, peeing and pooping his pants all in the same night. Also when wested, usually found being extremely vocal (loud) for no aparent reason and causing a ruckus, while having his voice crack from time to time
dude, the dirty perk just ran a naked lap at 7:30 in the afternoon!!!

do you remember semiformal last year when the dirty perk shoved leaves in his dates mouth and then made out with her!?!?

OMG the dirty perk is under his desk right now and i think he pooped his pants!
by The Biggest Cones October 04, 2009
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