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An alcoholic beverage comprised of one part PBR and one part Old Style. Originated at Western Illinois University in Macomb, the dirty hamper achieved official status when it was added to the beer menu at the local Buffalo Wild Wings.
"I'd like a beer that's award-winning AND tastes like grandpa. Bartender, make me a Dirty Hamper!"

"All we got left in the fridge is a couple of stray tall boys. lets make some dirty hampers!"
by The Laundraman February 18, 2010
An unflushed toilet bowl, chock full of waste and paper, with the lid closed, left for the next un-suspecting user, who upon opening is then left with not only a wonderful surprise, but also the responsibility of taking care of.
Boy does it suck, when every morning I go in the bathroom and my girlfriend's left a dirty hamper in there for me.
by Rawb Eytch June 15, 2007
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