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Someone with the initials of AA or JM: Also known as someone who is just being Faggy(see faggy) and may do annoying things like jump on your bed, making annoying noises, and becomes obsessed with new found adult desires which become the focus of their lives and the lives of their friends who are desperately trying to get them laid so they will stop bitching about it.
Person 1-"Hey what the hell are you doing Jenny?"
Jenny/ Dirty Fudge Packing Pirate Whore-" Giggle giggle giggle giggle giggle jump jump loud noises, blah blah blah, sex"
Person 1- "Damit Jennifer stop penetrating my bed with your moist feet you dirty fudge packing pirate whore!"
by Mailman-222 Kitty lick lick January 08, 2012
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