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For baseball, especially college baseball, a player must look good and play good. Looking good means being "dirty fresh".

Dirty Fresh is what a player can be called when he has his pants down and not skrungy, flat bill (rep Flat Bill Nation) with a pair of Custom Oaks (Oakley sunglasses) with his wrist(s) taped, optional arm sleeve or 3/4 sleeves, white spikes, a nice fat chaw in (No panzypouches please), optional eye black (no strips... they're faggish), and at least one Phiten necklace on. A cope ring is also recommended if allowed.

Combine all those into one player and you got "DIRTY FRESH"!
Man, check out that Texas U shortstop that is looking dirty fresh right now. What a stud!
by NSplayer20 May 09, 2011
Commonly used by bamfs to express how great someone looks, or how cool something is.
Damn! Mercedes, those neon sperry's look so dirty-fresh!

---In a converstation---
Kevin: Theres an awesome party tonight! Theres going to be cookies, soy milk, and cup cakes!
Mercedes: Dirty-fresh! I'm so there!
by Kevin the Bamf October 06, 2009
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