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A sexual act preformed my a male while doing a girl from the backside. The male places his thumbs in the females anus, gathering a "residue". He then takes his thumbs and drags them on each side of the females face, leaving sideburns made by the "residue".
This chick is a slut, shell prollly let me pull a Dirty Elvis on her.
by Bubba July 20, 2004
When a girl/guy gives you oral pleasure and just as you are about to finish you pull out and finish on his/her sideburns whilst singing "aint nothing but a hound dog". (All of this assumes you have a penis, Girls may not perform a dirty elvis. If they squirt on someones face that's just dirty)
The girl was giving me road head when I noticed she had sideburns, so I had to take the opportunity to give her a dirty elvis.
by Jonsap December 11, 2006
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