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A descriptive term for any unfortunate situation, to insult an unwanted group of assholes, or could be used to describe anything literally covered in filth. It is most effective when describing something that used to be good. Why? Because no one wants dirty cookies.
Me: My roommate invited 13 year old girls to our kegger... again...
Guest: Aw fuck dat! Dats some dirty dookies right dere.

Stoner #1: Noooooo, I just spilled half the ground up weed for this blunt on the carpet! (5 minutes later, after picking it out of the carpet fuzz) Eh, it's not that bad, we can still smoke it.
Stoner #2: Dude... thats some dirty cookies.

Raver: That was the best desert party I've ever been to... Can I use your shower? I'm such a dirty cookie right now.
by dotpxl November 25, 2012
a description of a girl's cooter when she's on the rag
"you've got dirty cookies don't you?"
"till the end of the week"
by mrs squarrell March 02, 2004

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