A person, though seemingly employable, who appears to prioritize the twin freedoms of slouching and mooching above hygiene, housing, and pretty much everything else. Like a dirty hippie or a gutter punk, but with even less of an effort to retain ties to anything like a social movement. Noted for sitting in the dirt on their asses, often in shopping districts.
That dirt butt looked like he was gonna ask me for a quarter, but got distracted picking his nose.
by Alpha Male Perhaps April 01, 2007
Top Definition
A female who's actions are derived from the following quality characteristics: slut, whore, jobless, moral-less, no class, gold-digger, irresponsible, lazy, druggie, ugly, fake, two-face, clubrat, inconsiderate, selfish, crazy... or just simply a pain in your butt.
Your Ex = Dirtbutt

My Ex = Dirtbutt

The girl of your dreams that doesn't want ANYTHING to do with you = Dirtbutt
by = ZAR = January 20, 2010
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