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Crippin ass gang related slang term for a dirt ass, drug wranglin', booze hound
See that bum over there?

Yeah, what a Dirt Wheeler?
by PC CRIB LOCS May 12, 2010
One who wheels in dirt. Wheeling in dirt means when one tries to do a cartwheel in the grass- keyword is tries. They try but they can't actually land it which is why they land in the dirt and look like an idiot. This is usually attempted when they're drunk and don't have the best decision making.
person 1: What the hell is Wyatt doing?

person 2: Oh he's the famous dirtwheeler! He always does this when he's drunk! You'll get a good laugh outta this.

(Wyatt dirtwheels)

person 1 & 2: *knee slapping and laughter*
by oooooooolive February 02, 2011

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