1.) An All-Purpose rag used for various things around the house, such as: washing windows, washing your car, wiping down things in a tool shed. The rag is something that would never be used on a human body or on anything like dishes or in the bathroom no matter how many times it is disinfected and washed.
2.) A person, that like a DIRT RAG, is all over everything and everyone. A promiscuous person whom has been with various other promiscuous persons, whom should never have any sexual contact with anyone for fear of passing along whatever dirt or disease he/she is covered with.
"OMG, Brittany fucked Jill's boyfriend and now she is fucking Professor Smith...what a dirt rag."

"Son...pass me that dirt rag so I can wipe down the wheels of my car."
by Judith Shakespeare March 29, 2010
A tarty Lunch cutter, who insits on wearing the tinyest outfits to work which does no flattery on her massive rear-hind.
That Michelle is such a dirt rag.
by fcuk_uu December 30, 2007

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