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A style of poetry that is written deep from within the soul. Mostly known for its sporadic punctuation & shown through metaphors of eating disorders, and Selling yourself. Whether it be body or soul. Dirrty Pretty, is more of a passion lived by its writers, the few that actual know how to write it. This form is now becoming a trend and is being over used. Many people are attempting to write & they fail miserably. If you cant breath it, don't write it.Its roots are linked To allpoetry where it is now been mainstremed though a few only know how.

If you ever try to seek out Dirrty Pretty look for users on such as
Brokenwindupdoll, Blemished Irisis, Glitter-Trash, Sweet-Catastrophe, Hell in Harmony, these are some of the Actual Dirrty Pretty poets.
Dirrty Pretty
Can be used as a noun or an adjective

poetry Glitter GlamDirrty
"That was an awesome Dirrty Pretty poem."
"That was such a Dirrty Pretty Poem"
"That was such a sad attempt at Dirrty Pretty"
by Caitlin Simmons April 25, 2007
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