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The best class C school around. Has 11 straight girls basketball MVC with 6 state gold balls. Also has a recent football state championship. And for the past two years the Boys basketball team going to states two times in a row. Dirigo's rival is mountain valley who likes to talk shit about Dirigo just because they are jealous of our accomplishments and wish they could go to a school as good as dirigo.
Mountain Valley high school student: Our school is better because we suck cock.

Dirigo high school student: Im glad your all fags, but while your busy doing that we like winning state championship.
by Dirigoplayer13 April 06, 2010
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A school full of losers who wish they could be good at something other than girls basketball and could compete with Mountain Valley in every other sports.
Kid 1: Did you here Dirigo won the Championship.

Kid 2: For what Sport.

Kid 1: Girls Basketball, what else would they win, they suck at every thing else.....damn cougars
by The Imposter May 01, 2005
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