A) v. 2011. Texas:USA; The act of OR reference to the act of utilizing dipshittedness for benefit or profit by invoking changes in inherent spending pattern options common among dipshits in a social economy.

B) n. 2011. Texas:USA;

1)A button or lever that catalyzes events more complicated than engagement of said button or lever, but less complicated than that which a 2 year old could handle.
2)The 'post' or 'send' button on any internet forum page when pressed by a dipshit.
A) A major gas company makes a subtle, unannounced and un-signposted change to the order of octane ratings and related pricing on their gas pumps, causing busy consumers to unknowingly purchase high octane gas for their 94 civic. This is a dipshit switch.
by ByePhilJ May 09, 2011

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