A slow moron. Is approximately 1 year and 2 weeks late in realisation of real time events. Is generally slow.
oi you are such a dipan, you should be shot
by JimBob December 25, 2003
Top Definition
A man with extraordinary physique who was dreamed about by women and existed in Ancient Anglo-Saxon and Greek myths.
My husband is rather short and skinny, far from a dipan.
by Dipan November 30, 2004
a pure, undiluted pancreatin, that does not contain lactulose, which is commonly found in other pancreatic enzyme products. Dipan helps provide the digestive enzymes needed in patients. Dipan is good for wheat allergies, and dogs who have problems digesting. Similar to a lactaid pill but for wheat sensitive people.
I had too much wheat, I need to take a Dipan!
by wheat girl April 08, 2008
A name passed down through the generations by Indian-Americans, now I don't mean Native Americans, I'm talking about those illegitimate gas-station-owning Indians from India. These are the Indians that love to make a dollar, even if it means selling cigarettes and alcohol to 13 year olds. A Dipan can sometimes be intelligent but 12 times out of 10 he's not.
Sam: Wow man did you see those Dipans up at the Quick-Mart today?

Thomas: Yeah man, that guy must have 5 kids and ironically they're all named Dipan.

Sam: Ahh man, you know how those Indian people are, they're uncreative and just name their children Dipan or Habebebebe or some rediculous word that ends in "e"

Thomas: Yeah i know right, but dude after our little league game tonight lets get that stupid indian to sell us beer and smokes for the party.
by Webster was a BAMF March 19, 2009
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