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The worst possible example of something. As in, the most disgusting kind of cup that there is, is a cup that is filled with dip-spit.
Why does everyone like to go there? That place is the Dip Cup of night clubs.
by Dan Sharfin December 06, 2005
A variant of the drinking game "flip cup" that is played among redneck populations. Instead of consuming a beer upon losing, the loser chugs the opposing team's cup of dip spit.
Lennie puked all over his woman 'cause he was too slow in that game of dip cup.
by frazeer December 26, 2012
when you are dipping and you get the hiccups, usually causing dip spit to slowly attack the back of your mouth and causing nasseating sensations in your gut
yo shutup with those dipcups man, youre bugging the shit out of me

sorry man, try scaring me or something
by dipster209 October 27, 2009
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