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She is a beautiful, talented and she has it all. She used to be the envy of nearly every girl when she dated Nathan Sykes of The Wanted, but the pair has recently broken up. She has quite a good taste in clothes but unlike most girls, she doesn't look remotely good in sweats.She has a really sweet face when she smiles but she has the type of face that can never be "SEXY!".

She is one of those over-achievers at school who joins all the clubs, is uber popular, teacher's pet, etc. The kind of girl you that you either want to punch in the face or be like. She has an amateur vocal-bility and has a long way to go but she'll get there one day.

She is the great Amy Winehouse's god-daughter and is signed to Amy's record label.

A lot of people on Twitter hate her because se can be quite rude and snarky which doesn't really sell well with most of the public.
"Who is that girl on Friday Download?," "I think that is Dionne Bromfield,"

"I love Dionne Bromfield's latest song, it has so much emotion and the melody is just beautiful,"
by ShreddedTears May 18, 2013
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