When somebody distracts you with the idea of food being ready, just to get you off what you were focussing on.

Tends to be when someone wants to get your attention by the emans of using food to their advantage and ruin your focus on anything else.
Example 1

Person 1: - Dinner is ready!
Person 2: - Okay I'm coming. {Turns off computer}
Person 1: - Dinner is Ready!.
Person 2: - The dinner clearly isn't ready...

You haven't eithen put it on the plate...
Person 1: - I tricked you!

Example 2

Person 1: - Dinner is Ready!
Person 2: - I'm coming {Turns off computer}.
{Walks into Kitchen, with food still boiling and not on the plate}.
Person 2: - Why say food is ready when I can't take it into the front room yet, It's not eithen on the plate.
Person 1: - You can wait now then.
Person 2: - *sigh* fine... {Thinks Dinner Distraction}
by Dark Fox Zeurra May 12, 2010

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