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Extremely small or tiny.
This TV is dinko. It's only 7 inches.
by 5'11"Racer September 29, 2006
A male name given to people with verry big penises.
Yes, Dinko ... yes..yes... more.. aaaooo...u..u..
by kelso the original July 31, 2008
First name for a male person found in countries of Croatia and Bosnia in Southeastern Europe.
The Croatian government is asking Argentina to hand over Dinko Sakic.
by Dinko L August 29, 2005
An extremely small penis.
Did you see Brad's dinko?
by Joe Wasner March 31, 2008
A little green booger that resembles a Dinosaur with antlers.
Wow that Dinko is so friggin awesome!!
by Dinko Jr. December 01, 2007
like a penis, or anything else you want it to mean to form an (in)appropriate insult
You, sir, are a dinko
by Dinko Boloba March 29, 2003