Extremely small or tiny.
This TV is dinko. It's only 7 inches.
by 5'11"Racer September 29, 2006
Top Definition
A male name given to people with verry big penises.
Yes, Dinko ... yes..yes... more.. aaaooo...u..u..
by kelso the original July 31, 2008
First name for a male person found in countries of Croatia and Bosnia in Southeastern Europe.
The Croatian government is asking Argentina to hand over Dinko Sakic.
by Dinko L August 29, 2005
A little green booger that resembles a Dinosaur with antlers.
Wow that Dinko is so friggin awesome!!
by Dinko Jr. December 01, 2007
An extremely small penis.
Did you see Brad's dinko?
by Joe Wasner March 31, 2008
like a penis, or anything else you want it to mean to form an (in)appropriate insult
You, sir, are a dinko
by Dinko Boloba March 29, 2003
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