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When you shit on someone's face and rub your hairy ass in it. Then some of your Dingle Berries get stuck on their face.

It is better if you had tacos the day before.
Dude 1: You won't believe what my girl let me do last night.
Dude 2: What was is bro?
Dude 1: I gave her a hardcore DINGLE BEARDY!
Dude 2: Wow man, you are fucked, but she sounds awesome! Let me in on that skank!
Dude 1: Fa sho Brosef
by thebrosef4life August 07, 2011
13 4
Food that gets stuck on someones beard after eating. Also see dingleberries
"Did you see thise crumbs in that guys beard?"
"Yeah someone should give him some tissues for those dinglebeardies.."
by gtothedtothem November 21, 2011
2 0