a woman's private area. aka vag
Man she had a nice dingding
by h9 May 16, 2004
Top Definition
Ding Ding: 1)The penis
2)A very pleasurable hand job.
1)Frank likes his ding ding.
2)Francis gives great ding dings.
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
A contest, usually involving 12-14 year old boys, to determine who, among them, can cum the quickest. Sometimes involving as many as a dozen guys, ding ding can also just be a contest between two. This is one of the most common puberty-age, self-asteem building exercises among males. It is thought, at that age, that the ability to jerk off and bust a load extremely quickly, is a sign of maturity and sexual prowess, something to show off. The winner has to shout "ding ding" to prove that he indeed won.
Mark and Dave were ferociously playing ding ding in Mark's bedroom, and just as Mark was about to win and shout out loud in pleasure, his mom knocked on the door to the room, causing both guys to cringe and go soft. Blue balls then ensued, particularly in the case of Mark. Because of the mishap with Mark's mom, Dave turned out cumming first and winning the game.
by Arieh August 17, 2006
the act of receiving a first class, well lubricated hand job from a chinese masseuse in an upscale massage parlor. Pay no more than 20 extra dollars on the price of the original massage.
I needed to relax, so I got a ding ding during my lunch break.
by BDubbz David Moreass December 15, 2003
Illegal slot machine
I lost so much money at the ding ding's last night!
by Chastafari November 30, 2012
A "ding ding" is used to describe a person who acts in the same way that a mentally handicapped person would.
Nice one, ding ding!!!
by FawkesyLady August 19, 2010
Feeling of wow or sweetness, totally awesome, wicked, hella cool, hott,
Ding Ding Baby, that chick is a ding dinger. Hey that shirt is ding ding.
by dEnis papineau January 05, 2005
A firefighter or fireman. Slang term used by police to describe firefighters. The origin stems from the sounds of a bell on an antique fire truck.

A ding ding is a fireman, often a volunteer, who likes his bells and whistles. His personal vehicle may have more lights on it than a UFO.

Also, see Whacker.
Here come the ding dings. He's a ding ding.
by Grumpybear February 03, 2012
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