The Celebration of Darrell 'Dimebag' Abbotts life. (8/20/66 - 12/8/2004) Dimebag was immortalized when he was shot onstage. On 8/20 every year, Sirius/XM dedicates a metal station to everything Dimebag. This day is full of music that inspired Dimebag, and it's all the music he would jam to all day long.
Dude, tune to liquid metal, it's DimeDay!


You should drink a blacktooth grin while jammin on Dimeday!!

WWZWD? What would Zach Wylde Do? He would jam to some fucking Dimebag!!!
by Brian Motherfuckin' Morris August 20, 2010
Top Definition
A day on which you pay for a meal using only dimes that you've saved from the change you get from paying for other meals. A true dimeday can only be achieved when a meal costs $x.90, and you get back a single dime in change per transaction. If the change is a large amount, asking for dimes instead of quarters is cheating and voids any dimeday using change from that transaction.
Eric: What's up, Mike. I'm thinking about getting the taco salad.

Mike: Yeah, I'll probably go for that too.

Eric: Dimeday?

Mike: You know it.

by eb314 November 15, 2007
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