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Whenever you see a woman that is a perfect 10.
(John's attractive sister walks into the room)

John's Friend: Dime Time!!!
by idk man August 05, 2008
When you take your time getting ready and you know you look like a dime and then you go out and then it's officially DIME TIME!
boy: " DAMN GIRL! you look good where you going tonight?"
girl: " It's DIME TIME duh. "

*see's hot girls just walk in the club*
boy1: damn she's a ten.
boy2: It's dime time.
by $avannah. July 30, 2011
when you are reduced to the minimum bid on each subsequent remaining unfilled roster slot in a $260 cap fantasy baseball auction.
Guy#1: he just paid way too much for that guy.
Guy #2: Yup, he's in dime time now.
by threephase April 12, 2009
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